Audio in the world of AI

February 06, 2023 • By Yashi Jain- Public Relations Intern

A lot of people have heard of artificial intelligence (AI), but not everyone understands what it is and how it works. This article will explain what audio is, how it's used in AI, and some examples of how it helps make AI more powerful.

Speech recognition

Speech recognition is the ability to understand spoken language. It's a key component of artificial intelligence, and it's used in applications like virtual assistants, speech-to-text, and dictation.

Speech recognition can be broken down into two different types: automatic speech recognition (ASR) and manual speech recognition (MSR). ASR systems listen for specific sounds in a recording and identify them; MSRs look for words or phrases that humans would use when speaking naturally instead of just listening for sounds alone.

Computer vision

Computer vision is the ability of a computer to understand and interpret images. It includes both machine learning and pattern analysis, which are used to extract features from images in order to classify them. Computer vision can be applied to many different applications across multiple industries:

  • • Image recognition – Recognizing objects in pictures (e.g., finding faces or cars)

  • • Video analysis – Analyzing an image or video frame by frame (e.g., detecting motion or determining whether something is moving)

  • • Medical imaging – Determining if something is inside an MRI scanner

Machine learning

Machine learning is the science of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed. It's a type of artificial intelligence, and it can be applied to many fields, including computer vision and speech recognition.

Machine learning works by taking in data about an object or event (or even just yourself) and generating an output based on the input. The computer learns over time through continual exposure to new examples until it reaches some level of competence in recognizing patterns in that information. For example: if you take photos every day for one week, then give your camera only photos from those seven days—the software will learn how often certain scenes appear together within these images; when there aren't enough instances present (and thus less evidence for its understanding), it may fail at identifying which ones were captured during specific moments in time.

Audio is an essential part of AI.

Audio is an essential part of AI.

AI is all about data, and audio is a big part of that. Audio can be used to improve AI in many ways, from understanding the world around them and making better decisions to improving their ability to learn from past experiences or analyzing large amounts of information.


The future of AI is bright, and audio will play a big part in it. With the right tools at our fingertips, we can begin to understand what’s happening in our world in ways that were never possible before. The more we can listen to our surroundings and understand what people are saying, the better decisions we can make as humans—and maybe even save lives one day!