Aural : A new way to Journal

November 25, 2022 • By Ahana Sadh - Social Media Manager

Have you ever started a diary, written a few entries and as the thrill of starting a new diary died down, stopped? Think about what made you drop it. Was it because you couldn’t commit to it? Perhaps it wasn’t convenient to schedule it in your routine? Starting a new habit is certainly not easy, especially something that requires you to regularly take time out for. It’s said that maintaining a journal of any form to record your emotions and experiences is a vital step to understanding and expressing yourself. If it’s so essential, shouldn’t it be more handy?

What is Journaling?

Journaling is as simple as keeping a record of your thoughts, emotions, and experiences in the form of a periodic log. Over the span of a single day, you have a vast number of thoughts, feelings and new experiences. Most of these are sadly lost to time, vanishing in our memories.

Think of how flipping through old albums of your childhood, reliving all those memories make you smile in reminiscence. Reflecting on old memories and random anecdotes is almost therapeutic. In addition to filling your mind with fond incidents, maintaining a journal is proven to reduce stress, increase memory retention, boost your well-being, and help you understand yourself and your needs.

Traditional Form of Journaling

Conventionally, entries were written in a notebook at the start or the end of the day. But as lives got busier and the practice of handwritten books started fading, people moved onto digital diaries. This was a positive upgrade since it proved to be more handy and convenient. Using a personal computer or smartphone was more accessible and typing was faster than writing it down. Digitalising this made more people start journals, but the same problems still persisted.

Drawbacks to the Traditional Way

Journaling is beneficial to all for more than a few reasons. Despite this, it’s not a regular practice of many. Regardless of it being digital or handwritten, it still requires one to take a chunk of time off their day to focus on this. Our lives only get more hectic by the day. People struggle to allocate a time of the day to wind down and write. If you do manage to do that, there’s always the writer’s block to bother you. You might have a hundred ideas and thoughts but the moment you sit down, they disappear. Thoughts run faster than hands can. It’s difficult to write what’s on our mind since the break in your chain of thought opens a window to rethink, taking the rawness away.

Do it with Aural

With the world of Journaling swirling with problems, Aural is here with a solution.Aural brings to you the simplest way to share, record and host your journal on a platform like never before. With the freedom to use your voice to journal and a huge collection of genres and images to describe exactly what you're feeling, Aural is the new way to journal. No more scheduling it in your day, record your voice and share it on the go. Speech is the easiest and most expressive form of communication making it a better way than any to log your day, incident to incident, emotion to emotion.

How to use Aural

Aural has taken the liberty to design a smooth and aesthetic "Create" page, which allows anyone to play, listen and repeat their thoughts. Aural wanted to make it so simple that people could just open up and burst. It gives you the option to pick from over 25 different genres and 1000 images to go along with your voice, helping you make yourself heard.

Along with this you can listen to other people just like you on Aural's Tunes and gain insight into what others around you have to share. With the help of our Genre feature, you can find a community of like-minded people and expand your circle.

Aural prizes your anonymity over anything else. This helps people open up and express themselves better and without the fear of judgement.

Journaling is a practice recommended by all but followed by none. Are you prepared to give it another shot?

With Aural, we promise you won't drop it halfway this time. We are eager to listen to you. Are you ready to Make Yourself Heard?

Aural is now available on Google Play Store. Download the app now! iOS users can be a part of our beta by clicking here.

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