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Why upload long audio when short audio do trick?

  • Share Tunes, short audio snippets upto 90 seconds!
  • Infinite scroll for endless entertainment. Get streams from your favourite creators, and more!
  • Aural is really smart. Like, really. We serve you only the Tunes you like, according to your interests.

Meet Our Creators


Until I Found You (cover)




Laal Ishq 🤍


Tired of bitches


Teri nazar


Many More,
Coming Soon...

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At Aural, we try and provide features to make the app more user friendly and time efficient.


Ever wondered how would Batman sound like singing "Hello" by Adele? With Aural, try it yourself, and share it with the world!


We keep a track of the playtime of your audio content, to keep you in the race with other artists


Audio content is categorised within Genres - to save your time and keep your favorites within your reach!

Just for you

Get content YOU are interested in, including creators you follow. Aural is quite smart, so it learns what you like and serves you just that!

social audio

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